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Tony is a First Aid & CPR Instructor Trainer with Sea 2 Sky Safety Training Services and the company founder. Tony started with the British Red Cross in 1994. Has acted as first aid attendant for hundreds of events & treated many hundreds of people as a result. He is experienced in training a wide range of courses. He previously worked as an ambulance attendant with the British Red Cross. He is now in BC as a first aid instructor, and an instructor trainer (one who trains others to become instructors) Finally, Tony works at UBC Hospital as a pharmacist when not busy training safety

Workplace Safety Training FAQs

Why provide safety training and who needs it (including self-employed & contractors)? Considerations for staff who may need extra training. Continue reading

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Free eBooks on Safety Training

Free eBooks – really? Yes!! Sure you can sign-up-for-spam somewhere on the web and get “Ten Free Safety Tips” but our job is to help you stay safe, not email crap to you. We have written seven free eBooks for you and … Continue reading

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Slow Down, Move Over

Got $173 to spare? Want to waste 3 points? Thought not… get wise to this new legal requirement in B.C. then. From 1st Jan 2015 drivers need to slow down and move over of all official vehicles. Currently the law … Continue reading

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Epi-Pen Misuse is Killing People

Epi-pens and other epinephrine auto-injector devices are designed to be easy to use in the case of an anaphylactic reaction, but 4 out of 5 people who have one don’t use it correctly! As I’m writing this, it’s Christmas eve … Continue reading

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