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Yes, they’re back in the First Aid Book once again. (Remember as always, we are a Canadian Training Company – your country may have different rules!) The use of tourniquets is always a source of debate in First Aid Training. … Continue reading

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2 Bleeds & a Foreign Body

No, I haven’t even got to today’s training session with the CrossFit gang yet (me training them, I should point out!) this is just early morning with my own children. First of all… Things in noses It’s been a ‘nose … Continue reading

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The ‘3Ps’ of Wound Care: Positioning and Pressure

Three P’s of Wound Care? Yes, OK – so that’s only 2 ‘P’s’ but read on…. You’ll see why it’s also the 3P’s of Wound Care. Now before we get in to the body of this post, please note that … Continue reading

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