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Slow Down, Move Over

Got $173 to spare? Want to waste 3 points? Thought not… get wise to this new legal requirement in B.C. then. From 1st Jan 2015 drivers need to slow down and move over of all official vehicles. Currently the law … Continue reading

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Swimming With Sharks? Five Tips for Driving Safely Around Big Rigs

Cars and tractor trailers on the highway are sometimes like oil and water: They don’t mix. Car drivers do whatever they can to pass big rigs that they believe are moving too slowly down the road. At the same time, truck … Continue reading

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Baby on Board: Driving Safety

There are lots of details parents need to pay attention to when driving with their babies in the car. When there is a baby on board, you need to take much more serious safety precautions, which go far beyond putting … Continue reading

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Tips For Driving In The Snow

Today, 2 inches of snow caused 6 states in the USA to declare a State of Emergency. Locally the weather forecaster apologised that we were only getting 2 inches – not enough for a ski resort. Wherever you live, you … Continue reading

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