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Does CPR actually help you survive?

Does having many people trained in CPR mean they actually do it?
If so, does it work? We’ll find out. Continue reading

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EMS – 10 Reasons to call them

There are a whole heap of reasons to call EMS – the main one being ‘you think you need them’. Still it’s a question we get asked regularly and the OFA1 course does include ten reasons to call EMS so … Continue reading

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EMS – What to say and Who arrives?

Just what should I say when calling EMS? What happens next? What else will they do/ask me? Who arrives when I call? There seem to be common themes to some of the questions people type in to a search engine … Continue reading

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How do you call EMS (emergency medical services)?

So just how do you call EMS (Emergency Medical Services) and what happens when you do? This is based partly on our classroom teaching (we cover this in every course) and on personal experience. Know the number to call How … Continue reading

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