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Plant Poisoning in Spring

With all this nice weather, we hope you and your children are getting chance to enjoy your yard, garden or the local parks and wild spaces. Of course, with nice weather comes all the nice flowers. Now, which ones are … Continue reading

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SAMPLE – Questions to ask a Casualty

‘SAMPLE’ helps to make sure we ask some of the key things we need to know when providing first aid to someone: Signs & Symptoms Allergies Medication Provokes Last meal/food & drink Events leading up to the accident, injury or … Continue reading

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Can a first aider leave someone to die?

We recently got some fan mail (yes, people do love us) that I think is worth discussing here in more detail. It seems to me that the person had read our ‘4 Bs’ article. Cutting right to the chase, the … Continue reading

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Canadian Law and First Aid

Now let’s start with the obligatory disclaimer thing. First, we’re based in B.C. and what we’re going to say relates to practices here – I’m told it’s different elsewhere. Also, remember that we’re first aid & safety instructors, not lawyers. … Continue reading

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