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Let head injuries sleep or keep them awake?

So your youngster fell off the play equipment again and got a head bump…. Now, of course, you have to keep waking them up all night, don’t you? Let’s look at this myth and what you should actually be doing. … Continue reading

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Fitting Kids Bike Helmets

Did you buy that bike helmet for them to wear now? Let’s be honest, it’s easy as parents to buy many things for them to ‘grow in to’ but a kids bike helmet shouldn’t be one of them. It’s there … Continue reading

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Ice Packs for Head Injuries

So apparently if you use an ice pack on head injuries, you’ll cause permanent brain damage, right? One facebook fan and past student of ours asks: “? About head bonks… Ice or no?! I was told no because it makes … Continue reading

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Concussion in Children

A recent report in the journal ‘Pediatrics’ suggests that emergency room doctors and GPs are having difficulty in diagnosing and dealing with concussion in Children. Head & spinal injuries can be very significant and are taught in all red cross … Continue reading

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