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Toddlers’ Preventable Injuries (#2 Your stairs)

OR “Why you Shouldn’t Multi-Task with Kids” Do we really have to tell you stairs aren’t safe for toddlers? Apparently over 93,000 families each year are missing the message – and their kids are getting severe enough injuries to bring … Continue reading

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Injury by Button Battery – don’t put them in there!

Batteries of all sorts can commonly cause injury, but there’s an increasing issue with button batteries causing injury. How big is the problem? One child visits ER every 3 hours, according to a recent study (across North America). Injury? Accident? … Continue reading

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Toddlers’ Preventable Injuries (#1 Their sippy cups and bottles)

OR “sit down with snacks & drinks” If you have toddlers, learning to walk & run, you’ve probably used that same phrase. Unfortunately well over 2,000 parents each year get to see what happens when you forget. Want to keep … Continue reading

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